"The Beatles Named Band of the Century"

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The Beatles have been named the top-selling band of the 20th Century by the Recording Industry Association of America, having sold more than 106 million records in the United States alone. The Fab Four are the only band in history to amass five diamond albums, signifying sales of greater than 10 million copies. Three albums released in the '60s in fact, the top three albums of the decade have been granted diamond status: The Beatles (White Album) (17 million), Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band (11 million), and Abbey Road (11 million). Additionally, two compilations, The Beatles/1967-1970 and The Beatles/1962-1966 are both diamond, selling 14 million and 13 million copies, respectively.

~Beatle Movies~

Hard Days Night~1964

Released in 1964, "A Hard Days Night" was The Beatles' first feature film. An account of "a day in the life" of the band.
The film premiered on July 6, 1964 at the London Pavillion; members of the British Royal Family attended the opening.
It received favorable reviews and was nominated for 2 Acadamy Awards.


Help!, was The Beatles 2nd feature film. The film permiered on July 29, 1965 at the London Pavillion.
The plot involves several unsavory characters chasing the Beatles thru England, Austria and the Bahamas, trying to retrieve a sacred ring sent to Ringo by a fan.
The movie won 1st Prize at the Rio de Janiero Film Festival in 1965.

Yellow Sumarine~1968

Premiered July 17, 1968. The Beatles' first and last animated feature film, was a huge critical success in England. The movie was never a great hit in America, though it's psychedelic-style appearence is a trademark abroad.
The British release of the movie had a different ending to the American release. The American ending has a softer and more considerate feel to it, due to the final conversion of the Chief Blue Meanie to Love, Peace and Music; the British version contains no such sentiment.

Let It Be~1970

Premiered May 13, 1970. Let It Be won an Oscar for Best Music and Best Original Song Score at the 1971 Acadamy Awards.

~Beatle Wavs~

Beatles: Home from their 1st U.S. visit, 1964

Paul: First reception in America, 1964

Paul: Cracking up filming A Hard Days' Night, 1964

John: 1964 U.S. Tour Radio Promo

John: The "flaming pie" vision, 1963

George: The Beatles' musical influences, 1964

George: Getting to know Paul again in the early 90s'

Ringo: Being The Beatles guest drummer, 1961

Ringo: Honeymoon with Maureen ruined by fans